Have A Track

I listen to too much music.
Please, have some.

Hi, I'm Way. I listen to a lot of music, and I want to share it with you. Give me your email and I'll send you tracks that I love. I won't do anything weird with it (I promise) and you can unsubscribe any time.

It'll be mostly electronica (everything from chillwave to dub to industrial to trap and more), but occasionally rock, jazz, and anything else that I think is really special.

Have A Track Playlists

Want to hear what you're getting into? Listen to the master playlists I keep on YouTube and Spotify. (They're as identical as possible; just listen on whichever platform you prefer.)



QIPWA (Questions I Assume People Would Ask)

What's the catch?

No catch, I just like music and I get very enthusiastic about sharing it.

How often will you email me?

Dunno, probably like once, maybe twice per week. Maybemaybe three if it's a thissongisamazingmergency.

How many songs will you send me?

Anywhere from one to five per email. More, if I'm really finding the good stuff.

How are you going to get the music to my ears?

For each song there'll be a YouTube and a Spotify link. Occasionally SoundCloud, if that's where the track lives. I'll also keep a playlist for those services and rotate in the new songs every month, in addition to the master playlists.

Can I send you [my] music?

Sure! I love discovering new music. I can't promise I'll share it on Have A Track, but I'll definitely check it out. (And sorry if I don't respond to your email individually--I get a lot of them--but I will try my best.)

Who are you?

I'm Way, a software developer, "curator", and internet maker. I run a cool weekly newsletter called Glitchet that you might like, and I spend my free time researching weird things.

Seriously, what's the catch?

OK, maybe in a year if you really like the service you'll give me a dollar or month or something on Patreon. No obligation, though.